Desirae Garcia
Photo: Holly Garlow

Desirae Garcia (The Haunted Windchimes) has one of the most stunning voices in music. The amount of soul contained in each syllable she articulates has a shocking impact on the first-time listener. The passion that she feels for the art she creates is evident in the lyrics she composes. She has a knack for writing material that contains a vulnerability directly contrasted by the strength of her vocal power. Her singing has a command over the songs that she writes and one can tell that she has experienced each theme she displays to her audience. She highlights each scar as if it were a mark of admiration, rather than something to be ashamed of. This is her most appealing characteristic: she has the skill to transform any subject into beautiful pieces of artwork. And in that lies redemption.


“a voice that could hold entire cities in the palm of its hand” - GOLD FLAKE PAINT

“The way she can deliver the simplest of lines is devastating.” - Heather Browne, FUEL/FRIENDS (

“It’s classic. But not the glitz and glamour kind of classic, something better.” - Kara Mason, PULP MAGAZINE